The Liberty Island Declaration

October 19, 2002


We, the undersigned sons, daughters, and friends of Alsace,

gathered together on Liberty Island in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, the work of the Alsatian sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi to celebrate our common Alsatian heritage, hereby resolve that :


Whereas Alsace has a unique historical, cultural, and linguistic tradition; and


Whereas the Alsatian language serves as a crucial link to the unique heritage of the Alsatian people; and


Whereas the Alsatian language is in danger of being lost to the world;

Recalling that no more than 10% of children under 10 years old now speak Alsatian;

Recognizing the urgent need to promote the immersion instruction of Alsatian (in its both Frankish and Alemannic variants) with the aim of creating a truly bilingual culture in Alsace;

Emphasizing the incomparable value of the Alsatian language as the strongest connective bond for Alsatian communities worldwide; 


We hereby resolve that :


1.      The Alsatian language must be studied, documented, preserved, and taught to future generations in the United States, France, and elsewhere; and


2.      There should be established in the United States an organization for that purpose called the Foundation for the Preservation of the Alsatian Language; and


3.      We pledge our time and support to make the Foundation a success and to promote its subject in our respective Alsatian communities to preserve Alsatian, the mother language of the Statue of Liberty.


Adopted this 19th day of October, 2002 on Liberty Island by the Undersigned.


The President of The Alsace Region

Mr. Adrien Zeller


The President of L’Union Alsacienne of New York

Mr. Christian Rolling


The President of the International Union of The Alsatian in the World

Mr. François Brunagel


The Representative of the Little Alsace of Texas

Mr. Guy Holzhaus, Former Mayor Pro Tem of Castroville


The President of the Little Alsace of Ohio

Mr. Fritz Metz Sheppard


Declaration to which the Alsatian Amicale of Quebec is associated


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